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Scholarships A. Mentzelopoulos

The Scholarships Committee with the grantor

The University of Patras grants scholarships for post-graduate studies at U.S.A. Universities to its graduands as well as its graduates of the following Faculties: School of Natural Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Health Sciences, the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration.

Priority is given to candidates who come from the Prefecture of Achaia.

The Scholarships are named "Andreas Mentzelopoulos Scholarships for the University of Patras". The Scholarships grantor is Mrs Corine Mentzelopoulos.

In order for a scholarship to be granted, the candidate’s academic record is taken into account as well as his/her family’s financial standing.

The scholarships provided for in specific regulations, are announced by the University annually (the first week of October every year), based on the financial potentialities, and are publicized in the Press as well as the University’s site.

The current announcement for the scholarships of the next academic year is provided in Greek, describing the necessary application procedure.

The granted scholarships are only for full-time studies. Applications which concern distant learning or part-time attendance are not accepted.

Scholarships can also be granted to post-graduate students enrolled in a post-graduate Master’s degree programme and wish to continue their studies in order to obtain a Doctoral Degree (PhD).

The scholarships are initially for two years.

The University of Patras participates in the financial budget of the scholarships by 25%. This amount does not exceed the corresponding IKY scholarships amount, as defined in the University’s Internal Regulations.

For any further information please contact Mrs N. Mallioti (tel: +30 2610996606, email: mallioti AT upatras.gr)

The scholarships and their financial data are presented here.

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