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Intra-University Research Networks and Clusters

Intra-University research networks constitute the fundamental tool for supporting the Structures for Innovation. These networks are operated since 2009 and form the second level for conducting research in our University. Most of the 800 faculty members of the University of Patras participate at least to one of the networks, creating annually a research budged for the University of over 30 million Euros. The Research CommitteeExternal link in our University is financially supporting the management of these networks towards "robust" research structures which will demonstrate collaboration between their members and convince for their ability to improve cooperation internationally, get external funding, support young scientists and ensure flexibility in management procedures.

A fundamental objective of the Intra-University Research Network in University of Patras is their close cooperation with Industry, Private and Public Organizations for speeding up development and contributing to social prosperity.

A total of 37 Intra-University Research Network have been established and almost all of them are very active. Sixteen (16) of the networks are coming from the Engineering School, 10 from School of Medicine and 9 from School of Natural Sciences. The Department of Primary Education and the Department of Economics created two other networks. However, the networks could be rather classified into four (4) Thematic Clusters in which the University of Patras has excellence in Research. More specifically these thematic Clusters are the following:

  • Bio-medicine and Bio-engineering (fifteen networks)
  • Environment and Sustainable Development (eight networks)
  • Information and Communications Technology (eight networks)
  • New Materials and Constructions (six networks)

The Information and Communication Technology cluster participates and constitutes the backbone of the national cluster in micro-electronics CoralliaExternal link.

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