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Dormitory for Foreign Visitors

The Dormitory of Stavropoulos FoundationExternal link is a high-end establishment that includes special rooms, appropriate for scientific, cultural and other social meetings. It serves the foundation goal, which is the advancement of research and academic projects as well as coopeerations in the field of university education. Moreover, it brings together various creative social groups which contribute to the cultural development of the area, using the contemporary high end facilities.

The Dormitory operates in cooperation with the University of Patras and the National Youth Foundation. The above agreement among the organizations, contributes to the emergence of the University, the City of Patras and the surrounding area as well as the development of research, students and researchers exchange, organization of important scientific presentations, in a state of the art environment.

The University of Patras is able to provide improved services, concerning the European Student Exchange Programmes (Erasmus and others), to postgraduate foreign students and distinguished students. It can organize short term scientific conferences in the existing conference room of the Dormitory. Moreover academic professors, researchers and scientists who participate in European and International research programmes can be accommodated.

You can ask more details about your accomodation in the Dormitory by calling at: +30 2610 992 360 requesting to be connected to the internal numbers 241 or 246 (Secretary of the National Youth Foundation).

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