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The University is administered by: the Rector, assisted by the three Vice-Rectors (one for Strategic Research Planning and Development, one for Academic Affairs and Personnel and one for Financial Planning and Development), the Rector's Council and the Senate.

The Senate of the University, consisting of representatives of the entire academic community, is the highest policy-making collective body of the University setting the overall policies. The Rector convenes the Senate, chairs its meetings, sets the agenda, and also represents the University at the highest level. The Rector's Council is the highest executive body.

The University consists of four Schools, one more is under establishment, with twenty-two Departments. Each Department corresponds to a University discipline area and is the basic academic unit whose study programme leads to a specific degree. Departments covering relative discipline areas constitute a School, which has mainly co-ordinating authority. The Departments are divided into Divisions corresponding to smaller and distinct parts of the major scientific discipline of the Department. The General Assembly of the School is the decision making body at the School level, the General Assembly of the Department at the Departmental level and the Division General Assembly at the Division level.

Each academic unit has its own hierarchical and decision-making structure. There is a hierarchical relation between the four ranks of institutional structure concerning leadership and decision-making, with the institution at the top; The Rector and the three Vice-Rectors; The Dean of the School; The Chairman of the Department; The Director of the Division.

The Rector represents the University at the highest level. The Head of Registry oversees all Administrative Units and Services. The overall administration mechanism and administrative staff is under the supreme authority of the Rector.

The organisation of the Administrative Services consists of seven Directorates and one sector, grouped in two Directorates General, one Directorate, which is concerned with student health and well-fare activities, counselling services, accommodation and food. The Library Service, which is a decentralised service, the Secretariats of the collective decision making bodies of the University, the Employment Advisory Office, the Industrial Liaison and Innovation Office. Also the decentralised units of the Schools and Academic Department's Secretariats.

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