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Sports Center

The Sports Center of the University of Patras is located within the main campus and consists of a large network of different sports facilities, which are maintained in superior quality. The main indoor facilities involve a court for basketball and volleyball with electronic scoreboards, a fitness room and a weights room fully equipped. The outdoors facilities involve a soccer field with natural grass, synthetic track and field of six lanes with jumping and throwing installations, five basketball courts and two tennis courts. All facilities are served with office space, changing rooms, toilets, showers and shauna

The aim of the Sports Center is to design and implement specialized programs and sporting events which serve the needs of the students and the different groups of employees working for the University of Patras.

The total activity of the Sports Center can be grouped in the following categories of programs:

  • Fitness programs of different levels targeting all members of the university
  • Year around Intramurals in soccer and basketball and annual tournaments in table tennis, tennis and chess
  • Participation, with representative teams, in all National Student Competitions of the Ministry of Education,
  • Staging of national student competitions, and
  • Other activities such as the University?s Sport Day and short seminars in selected sports issues.

The Sports Center of the University of Patras is led by the Sport Committee of the institution and administered with the full-time employment of Physical Education experts.

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