ERASMUSExternal link is the higher education section of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)External link programme. One of the purposes is that students from all over Europe should acquire a European dimension and eventually benefit from career opportunities throughout Europe.

LLP/Erasmus supports two types of students' mobility:

  • mobility for the purposes of studying in Member States in higher education institutions
  • placements in enterprises, training centres, research centres or other organisations

ERASMUS scholarships are partly financed by the European Union. Grants are awarded only within the framework of Bilateral Agreements between two Universities, or more as in the case of networks, from different countries. The amount of scholarship varies depending on the countries of destination and the length of stay.

Useful information for incoming ERASMUS students concern the following:

For more information please contact the International Relation Office.

Permission to Enter Greece

Students and citizens from the European Union do not need a student visa to enter Greece. A valid passport is, of course, necessary. At the airport there is one line for European nationals and a second line for everyone else.

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Before Arrival

The three necessary documents – forms to apply at the University of Patras within the Erasmus Programme for studies, provided there is a Bilateral Agreement, are:

  1. Student Application Form
  2. Learning Agreement Form
  3. Student Housing Application Form

After completion, students should send the above documents, as a package, to:

University of Patras
International Relations Office (IRO)
Administration Building
University Campus
265 04 Patras, Greece

The IRO will forward the above documents to the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator, in order to be informed about your arrival and sign appropriately. The documents are also signed by the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs and Personnel. Then the signed documents will be sent to the Departmental Secretariat.

Application deadlines

The necessary documents should be sent to the International Relations Office, no later than: October 15th - for Spring Semester and June 15th - for Autumn Semester.

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Upon Arrival

Students participating in the ERASMUS, or any other exchange programme, should register with the International Relations Office, situated on the first floor of the Administration Building A. The Office is the central checkpoint and information service for Erasmus and all international students and international guests who are studying or teach temporarily or visiting the University of Patras.

Then, students should get registered in their Departments in order to earn all students' rights.

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Greek Language

Greece has a distinct language as well as culture. Erasmus students are not required to take any test of proficiency in the Greek language. It is obvious, however, that in order to derive full benefit from their studies in Greece, as well as to achieve further social interaction and integration, they must have a working knowledge of the Greek language. Therefore, they are encouraged to participate in the Greek Language Programme offered at the campus. Courses are conducted throughout the whole academic year covering different knowledge levels. The University offers these courses free-of charge.

For more information, the students should contact the Interculture Education Centre of the University of Patras.

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For their accommodation, the students have three choices with related fees:

  • The Greek Student Home-Stavropoulos Dormitory managed by the National Youth Foundation (email: info AT fep.gr), a special-purpose building hosted outside the University Campus (Kastelokampos area). It is a new building and each room has kitchenette, fridge and internet. The price rates for each type of room are the following. The price includes electricity, water and heating expenses and internet.
    Single room underground Single room ground and 1st floor Double room underground Double room ground and 1st floor
    first 15 days 128 173 180 236
    1–3 days 12 Euros/day 15 Euros/day 16 Euros/day 20 Euros/day
    4-7 days 9 Euros/day 12 Euros/day 13 Euros/day 16 Euros/day
    8-15 days 7 Euros/day 10 Euros/day 10 Euros/day 14 Euros/day
    more than 15 days 5 Euros/day 7 Euros/day 9 Euros/day 11 Euros/day
  • The Hall of Residence for students of the University of Patras, residing about 4 Km away from the University Campus (with regular bus transportation to the University). It is owned by the University and operated by the Directorate of Student Affairs. Monthly cost:
    • Single room: 200 Euro
    • Double room: 248 Euro. The price includes electricity, water and heating expenses and internet. A deposit is also required equivalent to a monthly cost.
  • Rooms to rent

For the first two choices, the students should make special arrangements with the faculty who is their contact person in the University of Patras. Concerning the third choice, the incoming student should make his/her own arrangements.

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Erasmus Non-E.U. Students

For Erasmus students coming from non-EU member countries there are special conditions for entering the country.

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Academic Counseling

For academic counseling (course content, prerequisites, etc.), ERASMUS students should contact the faculty member - Contact Person of the Department, who co-signed the respective Bilateral Agreement. Students, also, may address either the European Programmes Co-ordinator or the ECTS Co-ordinator of the Department.

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