The Rion-Antirrion Bridge

The University of Patras is located in the Municipality of PatrasExternal link in the area of Rion.

Rion spreads 8 km Northeast of the city of Patras on the ornament of Rio. Rion has become a very important transportation junction in the Western part o Greece especially after the creation of the Rio-Antirrio bridgeExternal link. It also holds a frequent service of ferry-boats enhancing vastly the transportation to Sterea Ellada, and Epirus. Nowadays Rion has developed in a lively destination with plenty of schools, commercial shops, restaurants, amusements centers and hotels. Apart from the University of Patras, the University Regional General Hospital of Patras is located in Rion.

The Coastal zone of Rio is one of the best tourist places in the prefecture of Achaia. It contains a plethora of pebble beaches with clean waters and restaurants by the sea, that are the choice for entertainment for the residents of Rio and Patras.

One of the highlights of Rion is its Castle that is surrounded by a sunk fence and it is built on the border of the ornament of Rio. The Castle hosts many cultural activities, live shows, theatrical performances etc. Agios Vassileios has a beautiful view to the Patraikos Gulf, in Arachovitika lies a curative spring, in Drepano you can go windsurfing, whereas in the picturesque Psathopirgos you can enjoy the view while eating fresh fish in one of the many fish taverns. In Sella you can enjoy the gastronomic dishes of the village, in Kastritsi you can enjoy the wonderful view, the cherry trees and the springs and in Platani village there is on of the oldest churches in the region of Achaia, the Agios Nikolaos church built in the 11th century.

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