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Department of Material Science

  • Chairperson:Nikolaos Vainos, Professor
  • Vice Chairperson:Demetri Photinos, Professor
  • Secretary: Spiros Asimakopoulos
  • Contact information Department of Material Science University of Patras, 265 00, Patras Tel: +30 2610 969922 Fax: +30 2610 969368 email: secretariat AT matersci.upatras.gr
  • WWW site: http://www.matersci.upatras.gr/
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The Department was instituted in September 1999. Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field where wide sectors of the basic natural sciences meet. It incorporates:

  • the study, both experimental and theoretical, of the structure and properties of condensed matter in its various forms
  • the design and chemical synthesis of materials with predetermined properties in connection with specific uses and applications
  • the search for, and synthesis of, new forms of molecular organization of matter.

Research priority is given to the fields of:

  • Biomaterials
  • Molecular Materials
  • Micro? and Nanomaterials

The courses offered are categorized into Compulsory and Optional. These include lectures, recitations and laboratory practice. Student requirements for graduation: a) proper registration and successful course attendance for at least eight (8) semesters. b) Accumulation of at least 164 credit units (CUs) from successfully completed coursework.

Programs of Studies

The department of Material Science offers the following programs of studies:

  • Undergraduate Studies in Materials Science (Bachelors Degree, 4 years)
  • Post-graduate Studies in Materials Science (MSc, Ph.D.)

The department of Materials Science also participates in the following Post-graduate Programs of Studies :

  • Interdepartmental Post-graduate Program of Studies in Science and Technology of Polymers
  • Interdepartmental Post-graduate Program of Studies in Environmental Science

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